Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prospect Park Potato Salad

The best thing about this potato salad was how the diced cucumber gets all nice and "pickley."

Other than that, to me it falls into the good or a little better than passable categories. I've made it a couple of times already, so that at least confirms we liked it well enough. I think I tend to prefer slightly creamier, somewhat less vinegary salads. The dressing was a bit runny, so consider cutting down slightly the wet ingredients if you try this.

Actually, aside from the cucumber, another great thing is the light and bright yellow color, thanks to the turmeric. So in terms of appearance it gets an A.

This round, we paired it with the Chickpea Cutlets, which I barbecued. Those are one of my favorite things from the book, although I can't get my husband to get excited about them.

If you're cooking for two or three, you probably want to halve the recipe unless you like eating potato salad for lunch all week.

For 1/2 recipe:
Cost: $6-$7.
Difficulty: Muy simple.
Modifications: I doubled the sugar. We like our potato salad a bit on the sweeter side.
Cleanup: Clean before you know it, with the best part being you don't have to clean the bowl that day if there are leftovers.

This recipe is on page 91 of Veganomicon.

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